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Baltic Shipping Company is sponsor of 3. ShortSeaShipping Days

Danish shortsea operator supports event

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Baltic Shipping Company has since 1950 been transporting all kinds of cargo within the short-sea market, and all over the world. With more than 2,300 ship loads a year, our team knows the market and the opportunities.


Each year, we transport more than 6.5 million tons of cargo, thanks to our extensive fleet. Our fleet exits of box-hold vessels, which can load all kinds of cargo. The vessels also have large capacity for volume loads.


Baltic Shipping Company is specialized in Competitive Chartering, Ships Agency, Commercial Ship Management, handling and transporting Project Cargo and stevedoring.

We do commercial management of vessels. We move goods. We also move the limits of what can be done. We provide higher utilization and fewer empty voyages for the benefit of cargo and vessel owners.


We combine good craftmanship, sound business practice and extremely dedicated employees to always ensure freights are effective and vessels are in port in as short a time as possible. At Baltic Shipping Company, we work hard at keeping our high customer satisfaction, and are committed to unrivalled customer service. By having no ‘one size fits all’ approach, our list of services is almost limitless.


We ensure our customers peace of mind that we will be on hand whenever they need us. Our stevedores ensure safe and correct handling of your cargo. Our agents take care of the needed documentation and port operation. Our chartering department and vessels will move your business efficiently and safely from A-B. We believe in flexibility and optimization over short distances, this also being our motivation for being part of the Short Sea Shipping Days.

BSC is ISO9001 certified, and GMP+ B4 certified for good manufacturing practice. The procedures support awareness and focus on quality assurance and correct start-up and continuous review of each project, promoting safety and preventive actions combined with ensuring the expected profitability and customer satisfaction.

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